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History of Global TCK Summit

Member care and MK care as we currently know it was born out of three international conferences on MKs (ICMK) held in 1984 (Manila), 1987 (Quito), and 1989 (Nairobi). At that time the focus was still on care for MKs/TCKs from western or Old Sending Countries (OSCs). Since the 1980s, the face of global missions has changed dramatically. There has been a steep increase in cross-cultural missions from ‘New Sending Countries’ from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In Asia, the growth is obvious in Korea (from 100 missionaries in 1980 to 20,000 in 2018), yet the growth in countries like India is less well known (India Missions Association increased from 40 mission agencies in 1980 to 255 in 2019 with over 55,000 missionaries)***. This has meant an increase in the number of MKs/TCKs from these regions as well. MKs/TCKs from NSCs often have different needs for care than their OSC counterparts. 

***Korean Research Institute for Mission (KRIM), and India Missions Association (IMA).

In the past decade there have been gatherings that were actioned to carefully develop and curate resources for the ongoing care for MKs/TCKs from NSCs to address this need. This has included the formation of the Asian MK Network in 2012, and the planning and execution of MK/TCK conferences/gatherings. The most recent one was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand in November 2019. The purpose of the 2019 Global TCK Summit was for NSC MKs/TCKs to meet alongside international MK/ TCK carers, to share their experiences and insights, to support and encourage each other and to create greater awareness and understanding of their needs, for the mutual benefit of TCK carers, sending agencies, schools and sending churches.

What we do

The Global TCK Summit Committee facilitates gatherings of adult MKs/ TCKs and MK/ TCK caregivers. The focus is on discipling TCKs from mostly New Sending Countries (NSCs), as they follow Jesus. We aim to equip them to support and care for fellow (NSC) TCKs in their life journeys.

We do this through ideas and programs developed with input from adult TCKs, providing opportunities to share their stories, perspectives, advice and wisdom.


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